DJ Sonny Fresh, a photo by aaearhart (216) on Flickr. Sonny has been confidently standing for a couple months now, and he’s just getting the hang of pulling himself up in to a stand. Also, this past weekend, he seems to have finally sorted out how to go from laying on his tummy to sitting […]

I love watching my son play. I wish I could sit in there with him and listen to his little voice and watch his busy hands. But if I go in with him, he’ll want Mommy Time and climbing time and cuddling time and smooching time – which is all wonderful. But play time is […]

[object HTMLTextAreaElement] via Sonny likes standing.

[object HTMLTextAreaElement] via Amelia Earhart.

Christmas, a photo by aaearhart (216) on Flickr. Merry Christmas, sugarbean

…or disapprovin’, rather. Sonny is now more than seven months old yet he still shows no interest whatsoever in crawling or moving his butt around. He is a pro sitter and if I put his toys out of reach, he plays with his clothes. If I strip him naked in the middle of the floor, […]